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(JJIF Statutes 2009)

JJIF membership is open only to National Federations (or other forms of National Organizations) controlling the sport of Ju-Jitsu in their country. Only one National Federation per country can become member of the JJIF. If two or more National Federations exist in the same country, only the one recognized by the Olympic Committee or the Highest Sport Authority, has the right of admission to the JJIF.

Only the National Federations already affiliated with and recognized by the JJIF may affiliate to Ju-jitsu European Union (JJEU). After being approved as a Member of JJIF, the candidate also becomes a member of JJEU.

The Continental Unions are advisers to the JJIF on matters involving their National members or new candidates from their territories. They assist the JJIF in the supervision of any international event held on the given continent and report to the JJIF on these events.

How to procced?

Any National Federation wishing to affiliate to the JJIF must send the following documents to the Secretariat:

- a request for affiliation signed by their President and General Secretary;
- a copy of their Constitution in English;
- the list of their Executive Committee and a description of their organization;
- the list of their activities during the last two years;
- whenever possible, an attestation from their National Olympic Committee or highest sport authority certifying that the Federation is recognized as the controlling body for Ju-Jitsu in their country;
- the “una tantum” (one time payment) affiliation fee of 350.00 Euro (three hundred and fifty Euro).

An application for membership implies complete recognition of the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of the JJIF. After receiving the documents and the payment of the affiliation fee, the Board of Directors evaluates and decides about the affiliation of the Federation. This decision has to be ratified by the next Congress.

A National Federation may not be affiliated both with the JJIF and other international Organization claiming international governing functions over the sport of Ju-Jitsu.

Co-operation of the JJIF with other sports which are governed by their own International Federation can be considered, but the two international organizations must keep their own separate identities and functions.


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Nature of membership

Natures of membership encompass 3 (three) Categories at national level and one (1) Category of Associations at multinational level:

Full National Member

This level is granted to a member which has fulfilled a mandatory 4 (four) year term as Official National Member and has satisfied the JJIF Official Membership obligations, including payment of fees. Full National Members have the right:

a) to be informed about the state of the JJIF;
b) to propose items for consideration regarding the Agenda of the General Assembly;
c) to receive the agenda and the relevant documents for the General Assembly;
d) to be called within the prescribed time to the meeting and exercise the right to vote;
e) to nominate candidates to the Presidency (President, General Secretary and Treasurer) of the JJIF;
f) to nominate candidates to other positions in the Board of Directors of JJIF;
g) to participate and to vote during elections;
h) to call for an Extraordinary General Assembly;
i) to exercise any other right arising from the Statutes, Regulations, Directives and Decisions of the JJIF;
j) to host the Official World Championship;
k) to participate in any JJIF event.

Official National Member

This level is granted to a member which has concluded the initial 2 year as Provisional National Membership and has satisfied the JJIF Official Membership obligations, including payment of fees.

Official National Members have the same rights with Full National Members except of the right:
- to nominate candidates to the Presidency of the JJIF;
- to host the Official World Championship.

Provisional National Member

This level is granted by the Board of Directors, subject to ratification by the Congress, to an initial applicant which has satisfied the JJIF initial membership obligations, including payment of fees.

This status is valid for a minimum 2 (two) year term to a maximum 4 (four) year term which is not renewable.

Provisional National Members have no voting rights or any right to speak in the General Assembly except on the invitation of the President or his substitute.

A Provisional National Member that becomes applicant for Official Membership may not necessarily be represented at the General Assembly where its application for membership is considered, unless invited to reply to specific questions, related to its upgrading to the level of Official Member of the JJIF.

Provisional National Members have the right to be informed regarding all meetings, agendas, news and decisions from official meetings and to participate to JJIF activities.

Associated Member

Associated Members may be Multinational or International Associations with statutory activities compatible with the JJIF and related to the philosophy and/or practice of Ju-jitsu.

Associated Members have no voting rights, they have only the right of evaluation and promotion of forms of co-operation with the JJIF through conventions or specific initiatives to be ratified case by case by the Congress.

Associated members must satisfy the JJIF membership obligations, including payment of fees.