Invitation to: EOC Ghent and electoral General Assembly Print
Tuesday, 01 March 2016 23:24
EOC Ghent first pageIntroduction from the President. Is a real pleasure for me in my role as JJEU President to welcome to all Delegations participating in these “Senior European Open Championship” this year will take place in Ghent in Belgium. I’m sure that these Championships will contribute once again to promote and make know in Europe and the World our Discipline with its different types of race, Fighting, Duo and Ne Waza System. I wish to thank the Belgium Federation organizing this important event and I’m sure that everything will take place in the best possible way. Welcome to Ghent, good work to all the Referees and good luck to all the athletes participating. Dario Quenza, JJEU President.
Related to General Assembly. Proposals and suggestions for the General Assembly: if there should be any specific item you wish to discuss or present to the GA, please send information and explanation of the subject to the JJEU General Secretary no later than April 4th 2016! We would especially like to encourage potential candidates for future events (ECC, EOC, EC..) to prepare and file in the candidatures to allow preparation of calendar 2017 and beyond. General Assembly materials (including the list of candidates for Board positions) and agenda with supported materials will be published no later than May 5th 2016.

Update 2.4.2016: entry by number form and second invitation.
Update: 14.4.2016: second invitation update.
Update: 15.4.2016: entry form.
Please note: Starting with the year 2016, the JJEU is using a different system for the back numbers used by athletes in the official JJEU competitions. After registering to the tournament by numbers of participating athletes, the NF’s will receive by postal mail the respective back numbers. The NF’s are then responsible to give the back numbers to the athletes, so they can apply them to their gi’s prior to the competition. Thus, we can avoid the problems caused by collecting the gi’s and sewing the back numbers on the evening prior to the competition. Please check the deadlines!!
Link to order back numbers: or follow Ju-jitsu Shop logo!
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Download this file (AGENDA JJEU GA, Gent, 3.6.2016 (final 27.2.2016).pdf)Agenda of electoral General Assembly Ghent 2016[pdf]182 Kb01/03/16 23:35
Download this file (MINUTES GA Almere NED 5.6.2015 (final).pdf)Minutes of previous General Assembly in Almere, NED (2015)[pdf]406 Kb01/03/16 23:34
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