Ju-jitsu club ADK Maribor wins 2015 Adriatic Cup League Trophy Print
Sunday, 03 January 2016 19:43
Skopje, FYR Macedonia, 7.11.2015. Skopje, capital of Macedonia, hosted international ju-jitsu tournament and finals of Adriatic Cup 2015 (Team Champions League). Ju-jitsu clubs from Slovenia (JJK ADK Maribor), Bosnia and Herzegovina (JJK SRPSKA Sarajevo), Serbia (JJK N&F Aleksinac) and Macedonia (JJK OSENSEI Štip) presented their best fighters for the 2015 trophy.

Results of semi-finals: JJK ADK Maribor vs. OSENSEI Štip 6:0, JJK SRPSKA Sarajevo vs. JJK N&F Aleksinac 3:3 (in favour of N&F with more technical points. In the final match JJK ADK Maribor and JJK N&F Aleksinac showed no retreats and excellent fights finished with the with the result of 4:2 in favour of ju-jitsu club ADK from Maribor, Slovenia. Third place went to the team SRPSKA from Sarajevo (the result of the match with OSENSEI Štip was 4:2).

The international tournament and Adriatic's team finals for the 2015 was hosted and visited by the Minister for Youth and Sport of Macedonia.

After the competition the annual congress of Adriatic Champions League took place. Among other issues the dates for 2016 activities were accepted, with first matches to take place and international tournament Robi Rajh in Maribor (Slovenia) and Aleksinac (Serbia). The finals will take place in Banja Luka (Bosna and Herzegovina) in June 2016. Congress has agreed with first three teams to participate and the European Champions League Finals of 2015 which is planned on February 13th 2016 in Maribor. (Information prepared by Karl Kelc)

Skopje all teams Skopje - Minister of Youth and Sport Skopje winning team from Slovenia

Photo 1: all participating teams.
Photo 2: Jens Gotwald from Germany, Aleksandar Acevski (President of Macedonian Federation and Adriatic Cup), Karl Kelc (General Secretary Adriatic Cup and European Champions League), Marjan Spaseski (Director Youth and Sport Agency), Dean Sokolovski (General Secretary Macedonian Federation).
Photo 3: winners, ju-jitsu club JJK ADK Maribor from Slovenia.
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