Invitation to: World Championship 2015 Print
Friday, 02 October 2015 13:10

Bangok 2015Find attached the second invitation for the 2015 edition of JJIF World Championship.  To provide the best service for everybody and perform a good program we kindly ask you to send us a PRE registration by numbers until 16th October 2015.

Especially the referee course should be planned according to the needs of the federations.  As we get into the high season of Thailand’s tourism the hotels want immediate booking to keep our reservations active. Not all kind of accommodation is available in unlimited numbers! Early booking will guarantee your reservation! We apologize for the delay in sending out the information, but it was due to reasons beyond our control.

As a consequence, we have agreed to postpone the final registration deadline to November 5th, in order to allow the NF's a full month to finalize the composition of their delegations. We hope to see you all in Bangkok!

Information provided by: JJIF.


Update information 6.10.2015:

Please find attached the Corrected Registration form for the 2015 JJIF World Championship, with ALL categories.

Also, please be advised that there was an ommission in the invitation, regarding the obligation of the participating nations to bring qualified referees to the event. The penalty of 800 eur/missing referee, according to the JJIF Financial Rules is, of course, in effect.
According to the JJIF rules, the obligation to bring qualified referees does not refer to federations that have been members for less than 3 (three) years, so our newest members do not have to worry about a possible penalty.

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