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Friday, 27 May 2016 12:39

siggsLjubljana, 26.5.2016. One of the areas of interest and focus in ju-itsu on international level (and sport in general) is good governance. Promoting and encouraging from IOC questions of good governance has become (from many aspects) main topic in discussion what we are and what we want to be. JJIF committed us to follow principles of good governance - and JJEU is acting in this direction - timing is crucial, especially now, when JJEU will start a new episode with new board, when another change of statutes is at hand and when striving to be organised by the principles of good governance but yet again to maintain our identity and not forget the basic principles of ethics and conduct.

Mr Robert Perc, JJEU General Secretary and a candidate for JJEU President at upcoming elections in Ghent, Belgium, participated at the Strategic Workshop on Good Governance Sport. Workshop was organised by National Olympic Committee of Slovenia (OCS) and opened by Mr Bogdan Gabrovec, the President of OCS.

The guest of honour with introduction speech was Mr Janez Kocijancic, Honourable President of OCS and Vice President of European Olympic Committees (EOC). Mr Kocijancic stressed on the principle of transparency, which means the public availability of data, preventing abuse and democracy, which calls for a greater athletes’ participation on decision making process. An important principle is ethics, without which sport as such is nothing. Many dangers goes with sport, like doping, match fixing, violence in different forms, racism, corruption… reason more that sports organizations should be managed in a democratic and ethical manner, where integrity, accountability, transparency and democracy must be taken into account in all areas.

 Mr Boro Štrumbelj, Director of Sport Directorate from Ministry of Science, Education and Sport emphasises a need to follow good governance principles where cooperation between NGO, civil society and state authorities are crucial. This has been also recognised with high importance (among other institutions) at the European Council with possible implications on funding and spending of public resurces.

Mr Folker Hellmund (Director of EOC office at EU in Brussels) and Mr Matthias Van Baelen (Head of SIGGS Project – Support the Implementation of Good Governance in Sport) presented IOC and EU Basic Principles of Good Governance and methodology built to evaluate and assist sport organisations in building better working environment. A few practical experiences were presented on national and international level.

Mr Robert Perc received a support from OCS President, Mr Bogdan Gabrovec at upcoming elections and cooperation was offered towards EOC in the process of implementation basic principles of a good governance in ju-jitsu in Europe. On the other hand, Mr Robert Perc attested preparedness and commitment to seek for advice, learn, share experience, develop and implement the principles that IOC and EOC are promoting for healthier, better organised and cleaner sport environment.

On separate discussions with Mr Kocijancic, the Vice President of EOC, Mr Hellmund and Mr Van Baelen an action plan was set for near future activities in the context of expecting reorganisation of ju-jitsu in Europe, preparing new statutes and overall implementation of good governance. In discussion with Mr Rozle Prezelj, The Ombudsman for the Right of Athletes in Slovenia, a short overview of the situation in JJEU was presented and hints received how to improve athletes’ participation in a decision making process and why it is good for organisations to encourage athletes to participate. Details will be presented at the JJEU General Assembly in Belgium.

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