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Sunday, 17 April 2016 21:25
The JJEU Extraordinary General Assembly accepted renewed and harmonized JJEU Statutes on the session in Madrid - Spain, March 17th, 2016. On March 18th the text of the JJEU Statutes was submitted to JJIF for approval - as required by JJIF Statutes, article 10.2 (July 15th, 2015). JJIF Board responded with a letter from the President, Mr Panagiotis Theodoropoulos on March 30th, 2016.
Three issues were indicated by JJIF were some modification, clarification or explanation were required. After careful evaluation the Board performed editorial corrigendum which does not change the content and the mission of the JJEU Statutes but more explain some issues and align the content with JJIF Statutes as suggested by the JJIF – and with that align the text as required by the JJIF. Pursuing JJIF Statutes, actions taken by the Board and decision made by the GA, JJEU published the new JJEU Statute on April 15th 2016 on the official website and start using it from that date on.
Please find enclosed minutes of the General Assembly, minutes of the Board (editorial corrigendum of the text) and new JJEU Statute together with the By-law number 1 (organisation and responsibilities of the Board).
Download this file (JJEU_Statutes_2016_ver_30.3.2016_JJIF_approved (conformed copy).pdf)JJEU Statute, 15.4.2016[pdf]363 Kb17/04/16 21:40
Download this file (A2.1 by-law Structure JJEU Board job description (approved).pdf)By-law No 1 - Organisation of the Board[pdf]390 Kb17/04/16 21:40
Download this file (Minutes JJEU Board - Editorial Corrigendum 4.4.2016.pdf)Minutes JJEU Board (editorial corrigendum), 4.4.2016[pdf]818 Kb17/04/16 21:39
Download this file (2016 MINUTES extra GA Madrid, 17.3.2016 (final), conformed copy.pdf)Minutes JJEU extra GA in Madrid, 17.3.2016[pdf]366 Kb17/04/16 21:39
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