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Sunday, 30 November 2014 10:07

On the JJEU Board session in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, on October 4th 2015, JJEU Board has approved CALENDAR of Activities in Europe for year 2016. Additional events will be added to calendar at earliest convenient time (per example Champions league finals for 2015 at the beginning of the year, additional referee courses and other seminars and courses). Please note, that organiser of the event must send results with short report (and some photos) to JJEU General Secretary in 3 days (for publishing purposes!). Furthermore, results are forwarded to JJEU Sport Director for safe keeping as official version of the events results.

Financial conditions for organising official events: if the event on JJIF Ranking list the distribution of registration fees by JJIF Financial Rules goes: 60% to organizer, 25% to continental Union, 15% to JJIF (also used for other continents). Contract fee for Championships in Europa or ECC fees you can find in the JJEU Financial Rules.

ECh – European Championship
EOC – European Open Championship
ECC – European Challenge Cup
WCh – World Championship
JJIF Qualified event – event is on the JJIF Ranking list for World Games
Date of revision: 3.1.2016!
Update: 6.2.2016 - change of date of Vidovdan Open from 25.6.2016 to 18.6.2016!
Update: July 2016 - change of dates of Balkan Open and EC U18!
January Name Location Country      
2.1.-4.1. Combat Camp Sweden Lund SWE      
16.1. Orleans Open Orleans FRA      
16.1. Colin Kist JuJitsu tournament Steenwijk  NED      
February Name Location Country      
6.-7.2. Kodokan Open Norderstedt GER      
13.2. European Champions League Finals* Maribor SLO JJEU    
13.2. Marseille Open Marseille FRA      
17.2.-21.2. Winter Camp JJEU Bansko BUL JJEU JJEU Board
27.2. Mimoza Open Herceg Novi MNE      
March Name Location Country      
  France Team Championship   FRA      
6.3. Open Noord Hollandse Championship Beverwijk NED      
12.3.-13.3. Belgium Championship   BEL      
17.3.-20.3. World Championship U21  Spain ESP JJEU ext. GA JJIF qualified 
April Name Location Country      
2.4.-3.4. Open Midden Nederlandse Dutch Open Midden NED   ECC  
2.4.-3.4. Open Andrea Rola (U10, U12, U15, U18) Genoa ITA      
9.4. Podgorica Open Podgorica MNE      
16.-17. Robi Rajh Open Maribor SLO      
23.4. Dutch National Championship Almere NED      
23.4. SAJ Open Novi Sad SRB      
May Name Location Country      
30.4. - 1.5. Paris Open (+ referee course) Paris FRA JJEU Board ECC JJIF qualified 
6.5.-8.5 8th Budva Open (+ referee course) Budva MNE   ECC  
21.5. Aleksinac Open Aleksinac SRB      
June Name Location Country      
4.6.-5.6. European Cup - EOC Ghent BEL JJEU GA EOC JJIF qualified 
18.6. Vidovan Open, Adriatci Cup Finals Banja Luka BIH      
July Name Location Country      
10.7.-17.7. JJIF Convention   Vietnam      
August Name Location Country      
7.8.-13.8. International Convention DJJV Bad Blankenburg GER      
22.8.-26.8. JJEU Training Camp (fighting, duo, ne-waza) Hachen GER      
September  Name Location Country      
8.9.-11.8. Technical and combat Camp (open) Trevi ITA      
16.9. - 18.9. 13th Balkan Open and World Cup U15 Cyprus CYP   ECC JJIF qualified
23.9. - 25.9. European Championship U18 & German Open Gelsenkirchen GER JJEU EC JJIF qualified 
20.9. - 23.9. JJIF Convention, Session and Congress Da Nang  VIE JJIF    
October Name Location Country      
15.10.-16.10 St. Petersburg Open St. Petersbug RUS      
15.10. Temerin Open Temerin SRB      
22.10. Istocno Sarajevo Open Sarajevo BIH      
29.10.-30.10. SLOVENIA Open Brezice SLO      
November Name Location Country      
5.11. Skopje Open Skopje MKD      
11.11.-13.11. German Technical Congress Hachen GER      
25.11.-27.11. World Championship Seniors Wroclaw POL JJEU Board   JJIF qualified 
December Name Location Country      
10.12. Finals of the JJEU Champions League 2016   FRA      

PLEASE NOTE: the organiser of the official event must send results with short report (and some photos) to JJEU General Secretary in 3 days (for publishing purposes!). Further more, results are forwarded to JJEU Sport Director.

PLEASE NOTE: information from JJEU Board about the right to participate (members of JJIF)!

PLEASE NOTE: information from JJIF Board about the right to participate (refering the age of competitors for seniors categories) - document attached.

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