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Tuesday, 10 November 2015 16:04
Philippsburg, Germany, 1.11.2015. JJEU Board has met at extraordinary board meeting in Germany as a part of preparation of decision evaluation of last meeting and invitation from JJIF President, Mr Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, to the JJIF General Assembly’s extraordinary meeting in Bangkok. Debate was open, wide and with a lot of concern.

JJEU Board has difficulties to accept haste for second and extraordinary JJIF GA only four months after last one in Greece with some items which were part of GA Agenda in July (like Statute issues). Nevertheless it accepts the importance of every single point on the agenda with surprise that speed is ahead of relevance. Even when put aside legal reservations it is at least not correct to demand from members of JJIF with right to vote to decide on tectonic changes of our organisation without proper time and sufficient materials to support decision making process (what grounds are provided to have a debate among members to prepare and decide – not very responsible). Agenda without prior materials and relevant information causes discomfort (and more).

After consideration of many possible motives, incentives, scenarios, past experiences and overall responsibilities to member federation, outcomes and consequents JJEU Board unanimously took the following stand:

•All items on agenda deserve and demands careful consideration and rational decisions – reason enough to step with careful move;
•Following timing and shortage of information to support agenda of extraordinary GA only one item on Agenda has sufficient grounds to allow correct decision making – that would be proposal to move JJIF Headquarters to Abu Dabi. All others items are not supported enough to be the part of this extraordinary GA debate;
•We could have round table for other issues but not as a part of Bangkok extraordinary GA. JJEU wold not support idea of restructure something which has been put together in proper manner on the last GA and a year before general elections – not rational and no need for that.
•Formalities in Statutes and by-laws will not bring us closer to Olympic movement. What is required is boosting worldwide activity to increase number of actual working member federations (and JJEU is doing its part in this area). Distribution and number of countries per continent (although relatively big for JJIF) at Bangkok WC is a mirror of reality and put as far cry from becoming Olympic.
•Every Board and union’s management are committed and have liability to establish healthy and positive working atmosphere which will allow cooperation, communication and coordination between members and unions.
•We recommend JJIF Board and its President, proven on many occasions for exceptional work and vision, to recognize the importance of the issues on the table with withdrawal of extraordinary GA in this manner (to avoid unnecessary confusion and prevent actions of irreversible consequences).

We cannot and would not allow ourselves to reduce importance of possibilities and opportunities (and serious hazards) ahead our development when unions focus to same goal. But we expect understanding of origins of our organisation and principles of democratic principles on which it is built. We can overcome differences, diversity of opinions and support our main principles based on healthy sport and martial development.

We invite JJEU members to participate at this meeting in Bangkok, participate in the debate to demonstrate constructive position, but also support JJEU stand for worldwide development proven by the number of full JJIF members!

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