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Sunday, 27 September 2015 22:19

JJEU LOGOThe decision of JJIG General Assembly 2015 (JJIF Convention in Greece) is to have U21 World Championship every second year. In 2016, as proposed by the Convention delegates, the U21 World Championship will be held. In 2017, the U18 World Championship & the U15 World Cup will be organized together.

World Championship will take place every year on the last week of November. World Championship U21 (Juniors) will be organised in March, starting 2016 in Spain or Russia. In Almere we have had a discussion with Russia to host U18/21 European Championship but that cannot be the case anymore and they are running for 2016 World Championship U21.

World Championship U18 and World Cup 15 will take place every second year, last half of the March, starting in the year 2017.

In JJEU we organise our biggest event in June every year – one year is European Championship seniors, following year Euro Cup.


Now we must coordinate activities related to U15-18-21 World Championship to rationalise time and costs. We can organise European Championship for U15-18-21 every second year but we need to find a good date for this event (in principle this will bring to the exchange of championships (in one year WC U21 and EC U18, second year WC U18 and EC 21…). At the moment we also have good distribution of U15 (Cadets) World Cups.

Some of the ideas how to organise championships in Europe has been already on the table on the JJIF Convention in Greece. Good planning will give reasonable distribution of activities and costs/time for those activities. Good solution will also give more opportunities for long term planning of WC/EC (up to 4 years in advance).


We need your assistance to built sustainable calendar of activites in Europe for 2016 and beyond:

a) dates, places and categories of the events 2016 in general missing on the draft calendar (if you have dates for 2017 etc. please send it too);
b) proposals for the organisation of U18/21 championships in Europe (time of the year?);
c) proposals/candidates for future events (EC 2017, Euro Cup 2017, EC U18 in 2016 and EC U21 in 2017..).

We kindly ask for your feedback up to Thursdays, October 1st 2015 to allow the Board to evaluate proposals at the meeting which will take place at Gelsenkirchen (and to harmonize activities with JJIF).

Update: 2.10.2015!

Download this file (Calendar JJEU 2016 (draft 2.10.2015 - www version).pdf)Calendar updates 2.10.2015[pdf]195 Kb02/10/15 15:51
Download this file (Calendar JJEU 2016 (draft 27.9.2015).xls)Calendar of activites in Europe 2016 - draft 27.9.2015[xls]43 Kb27/09/15 22:24
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