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Accepted and approved by JJEU Board in Bucharest, Romania - 23.11.2013. During WC in Bucharest, Romania, JJEU board has accepted Calendar of activities for 2014. This information is also an invitation to all members to provide details related to their activities as soon as possible to allow on time and long term planning.

Financial conditions for organising official events: if the event on JJIF Ranking list the distribution of registration fees by JJIF Financial Rules goes: 60% to organizer, 25% to continental Union, 15% to JJIF (also used for other continents). For ECC 10 € is add for JJEU, for EOC 20 € is add for JJEU. Contract fee for EOC is 3.000 € (see also JJEU and JJIF Financial Rules).

JJIF Qualified event – event is on the JJIF Ranking list for World Games
EC – European Championship
EOC – European Open Championship
ECC – European Challenge Cup
WC – World Championship

* Update 1: 6.12.2013 - correction, the date of the Istanbul event -> 20.9.2014 - 27.9.2014!
* Update 2: 6.12.2013 - correction, the date and location of Referee Seminar in Sweden -> from 23.5.2014 to 3.1.2014!
* Update 3: 10.12.2013 – new event, Austrian Open -> 13.9.2014 - 14.9.2014!

* Update 4: 28.1.2014 - Balkan Open moved from Turkey to Romania, new ECC Maribor Robi Rajh Slovenia, EOC on new date in June, etc.!

Date Place/Country Note
3.-5.1. Intl. Tour. Byggmästaregatan, Sweden

Referee seminar

18. – 19.1. Intl. Tour. Orleans, France

19.1. Intl. Tour. Steenwijk, Nertherlands

1. - 2.2. Intl. ju-jitsu camp Bad Blankenburg, Germany Ju-jitsu camp

22. – 23.2. Intl. Tour. Angers, France

1.3. - 2.3. Jiu-jitsu Camp Pressbaum Austria  
1.3. (Intl. Tour.) Cento, Bologna, Italy

2.3. Intl. Tour. Marseille, France

15.-16.3. Intl. Tour. Lyon, France

22.3. Intl. Tour. Hague, Nertherlands

22. – 23.3. Intl. Tour. Tournoi par EQUIPE de Club du Val de Marne, Paris, France (team competition) + Champ. League
(divison North)

29.-30.3. Intl. Tour. Andrea Rola, Genoa, Italy

12.-13.4. ECC Intl. Tour. Robi Rajh Open, 10th, Maribor, Slovenia + Champ. League
(divison South - Adriatic)
27.4. Intl. Tour. Serbia Open, Novi Sad, Serbia

2. – 4.5. ECC Intl. Tour. Paris Open, France JJIF Qualified event
Referee seminar
JJEU Board meeting
10.5. Intl. Tourn. Budva Open, Budva, Montenegro + Champ. League
(divison South - Adriatic)
17.5. Intl. Tour. Aleksinac Open, Serbia + Champ. League
(divison South - Adriatic)
23.-25.5. EC European Championship Aspirants & Juniors, Lund, Sweden JJEU Board meeting
JJEU General Assembly
Referee seminar
7.-8.6. 13.6.-14.6.
EOC European Open Championship, Bucharest, Romania JJIF Qualified event

14.6. Intl. Tour. Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina + Champ. League
(divison South - Adriatic)
9.-15.8. Intl. ju-jitsu camp, Apatin, Serbia Ju-jitsu camp

10.-16.8. Intl. ju-jitsu camp, Bad Blankenburg, Germany Ju-jitsu camp

4.-7.9. Intl. ju-jitsu camp, Trevi, Perugia, Italy Ju-jitsu camp

13.-14.9. Intl Tour. Austrian Open, Austria  
20.-21.9. Intl. Tour. Hilversum, Netherlands


ECC Intl. Tour. Balkan Open, Intl. Cup U-15, Istanbul, Turkey Bucharest, Romania JJIF Qualified event
Referee seminar
4.-5.10. ECC Intl. Tour. German Open, Berlin, Germany JJIF Qualified event

18.-19.10. ECC Intl. Tour. St. Petersburg Open, Russia JJIF Qualified event

18.-19.10. Intl. Tour. Antwerpen, Belgium

18.-19.10. Intl. Tour. Temerin Open, Serbia  
25.-26.10. Intl. Tour. Slovenia Open, Brezice, Slovenia

8.11. Intl. Tour. Skopje Open, FYR Macedonia Champ. League
(divison South - Adriatic)

15.11. Intl. Tour. SAJ Open, Serbia  
28.-30.11. WC World Championship (seniors), Paris, France JJIF Qualified event

PLEASE NOTE: the organiser of the official event must send results with short report (and some photos) to JJEU General Secretary in 3 days (for publishing purposes!). Further more, results are forwarded to JJEU Sport Director.

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PLEASE NOTE: information from JJEU Board about the right to participate!

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