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Invitation to: European Championship 2015 in Almere, Netherlands PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 February 2015 00:30
EC Almere 2015 logoDear Sport Friends! JJEU and Dutch Judo Federation (JBN) have the pleasure to invite you to the 2015 European Championship for seniors in Fighting System, Duo System and Ne-waza System in Almere Netherlands on June 6th to June 7th. JBN has proven already as professional and devoted organisers of big events, capable to cope with high demands of championships organisations and expectations from athletes, referees, coaches and other officials. This EC is organised in the city of Almere, with a support of local community and sport organisations.

JJEU General Assembly will take place at the beginning of the EC. Materials shall be provided later but on time. JJEU members are hereby invited to participate with suggestions and proposals for GA agenda and related. JJEU Treasurerelections will take place at GA. More details will follow.

You are invited to survey through championship materials to provide on-time information to the organisers about your participation. Please note important deadline: April 27th 2015.

EC Ju Jitsu Facebook page. Please see, and like, on www.facebook.com/ecjujitsu

Update 1.4.2015: qualified referees for EC (corrected 7.4.2015).

Download this file (2015_Referees_Almere_7.4.2015.pdf)Qualified Referees[pdf]105 Kb07/04/15 17:33
Download this file (1. First entry(1).xlsx)First entry (new form)[xlsx]33 Kb15/03/15 21:48
Download this file (3. Entry by number and extra rooms(1).xlsx)Entry by number and extra rooms (new form)[xlsx]33 Kb15/03/15 21:47
Download this file (4. Entry by names(1).xlsx)Entry by names (new form)[xlsx]33 Kb15/03/15 21:47
Download this file (Invitation EC jujitsu 2015.pdf)Invitation to 2015 EC ju-jitsu, Almere, Netherlands[pdf]559 Kb28/02/15 00:43
Download this file (5. Travel details.xlsx)Travel details[xlsx]29 Kb28/02/15 00:43
Download this file (2. Hotel reservation.xlsx)Hotel reservation[xlsx]29 Kb28/02/15 00:41
Download this file (6. Visa request.xlsx)Visa request[xlsx]15 Kb28/02/15 00:40
Download this file (7. Statement of liability.doc)Statement of liability[doc]226 Kb28/02/15 00:40
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Invitation to: Saj Open 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 30 March 2015 13:48
saj open 2015Sremska Kamenica - Serbia, 25.4.2015. 3rd International ju jitsu tournamnet SAJ OPEN. The tournament will be held on 25th April 2015 at the sports hall of the Basic police training center in Sremska Kamenica, next to Novi Sad. The organiser is providing free accommodation at the Basic police training center for all athletes, trainers and referees who come from abroad. Also,they have prepared valuable money prizes for the winners of first place in senior categories. You can find the Invitation letter and the Registration form in the attachment. If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact organising committee of the event.
Download this file (Invitation SAJ OPEN 2015.pdf)SAJ Open Invitation[pdf]871 Kb30/03/15 13:53
Download this file (Registration form SAJ OPEN 2015.doc)SAJ Open Registration Form[doc]186 Kb30/03/15 13:53
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Invitation to: Budva Open 2015 and JJEU Referee Seminar PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 30 March 2015 11:32
Budva OpenBudva - Montenegro, 8. - 9.5.2015. Ju-jitsu Federation of Montenegro and Ju-jitsu European Union are hereby inviting to traditional Budva Open ju-jitsu international tournament, joined with JJEU Referee Seminar. Referee seminar will take place on May 8th and May 9th 2015. Instructors and examinators will be JJEU Referee Director Mr  Roel van Ravens (NLD) and committee member Mr Martin Jazbec (SLO). Please note that only examination for Continental B licence will be possible if fulfilling conditions. The participants are strictly obligated to send a letter as well to the JJEU Referee Committee Director that their National federation gives the participant permission to follow the course. More details and conditions are enclosed.
Download this file (Referee_Course_Montenegro_Budva_2015.pdf)Referee Course Invitation - Budva 2015[pdf]86 Kb30/03/15 13:48
Download this file (BUDVA_OPEN_2015_English.docx)Budva Open 2015 Invitation[docx]337 Kb30/03/15 13:47
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General Assembly and Treasurer election information PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 15 March 2015 21:59

We would like to invite all JJEU members to participate with suggestions and proposals for upcoming JJEU European Championship and General Assembly which will take place in Almere, Netherlands in the beginning of June. By the decision of the Board and pursuing JJEU Statutes election for the Treasurer is on the agenda also.

1) Proposals and suggestions for the General Assembly: if there should be any specific item you wish to discuss or present to the GA, please send information and explanation of the subject to the JJEU General Secretary no later than April 30th 2015! We would especially like to encourage potential candidates for future events (ECC, EOC, EC..) to prepare and file in the candidatures to allow preparation of calendar 2016-2017 and beyond. General Assembly materials and agenda with supported materials wil be published no later than May 5th 2015.

2) Election for the JJEU Treasurer:   the deadline for submitting the candidacies is April 30th 2015! The candidature must be supported with (a) short CV and (b) letter of support from National Federation.
Position to be elected: JJEU Treasurer.
Period of the mandate: to the end of JJEU Board mandate in 2016 when regular election of the whole Board will take place (one year).
Deadline: candidature is on-time if JJEU General Secretary will receive it no later than April 30th 2015!
Schedule of the events: JJEU Board will announce candidatures on the official website and by e-mail to all member federations and JJIF no later than Tuesday, May 5th 2015 (after next JJEU Board meeting in Paris during the Paris Open Tournament).
Procedure: we kindly ask all candidates to send their applications to Robert Perc, JJEU General Secretary, by e-mail "robert.perc (at) jjeu.eu", in person or by ordinary post to address: Trg Matije Gubca 3, 8270 Krsko, Slovenija.

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Workshop on ju-jitsu development and future activities PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 23 February 2015 00:25
FFrankfurt workshoprankfurt – Germany. 21.2. -22.2.2015. Members of the JJEU Working Group, nominated by JJEU Board, have met in the Frankfurt during this weekend to finalize work on the organisation of ju-jitsu events. Working group of seven members of the board, JJEU Sport Director and technical representatives have already met in Tunisia during JJIF Technical Convention and WC in Paris 2014. The main objective of the group is to prepare guidelines of the organisers of ju-jitsu events with aim to improve quality of the events towards athletes, referees, coaches, public and media. Many reports from past activities were re-evaluated and discussed, together with good practices on dierent level or organisation. In the middle of March national federations will receive materials for evaluation and discussion.
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Invitation to: 2nd Team Open France PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 February 2015 23:54
2nd Ju-jitsu Team Open France 20152nd ADIDAS INTERNATIONAL JU-JITSU FIGHTING and NE WAZA TEAM OPEN. The Val de Marne League is proud to invite you to participate to its second Adidas international Ju-jitsu fighting and Ne Waza Team Open. Tournament will take place on Sunday, March 8th 2015 in the Palais des Sports - Gymnase THOREZ, Avenue Henri Barbusse 4, 94 400 Vitry sur Seine, France. To welcome you and organize both days, in the best conditions, would you, please, give us your answer in the shortest time and before the 4th of March.
Download this file (Plaquette OPEN International EN 2015.pdf)Invitation to Adidas Team Open 2015 (English)[pdf]970 Kb09/02/15 23:58
Download this file (Plaquette OPEN International par équipes FR  2015.pdf)Invitation to Adidas Team Open 2015 (French)[pdf]946 Kb09/02/15 23:58
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Invitation to: JJIF Self Defence Seminar in Italy PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 February 2015 23:37
JJIF Self Defence DepartmentJU JITSU INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION in collaboration with ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA JU JITSU E D.A. and PANATHLON INTERNATIONAL organize JJIF Self Defence Technical Seminar in accordance with the worldwide recognized "Ju-jitsu for all".
Seminar will take place at Sport Hall of Manesseno, Via Don Luigi Sturzo, Manesseno – Sant’Olcese (GE), from February 28th to March 1st 2015 and it is open to all Federations and Sport Promotion Bodies. Official registration to the event only in writing with attached registration form up to February 18th 2015.
Download this file (AIJJ 14-15 GENOA INTERNATIONAL STAGE.pdf)JJIF & AIJJ Invitation to Self Defence Technical Seminar[pdf]403 Kb09/02/15 23:48
Download this file (AIJJ 14-15 MAP INTERNATIONAL STAGE.jpg)Map - location[jpg]678 Kb09/02/15 23:43
Download this file (AIJJ 14-15 RESERVATION FORM.xls)Registration form[xls]34 Kb09/02/15 23:41
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Invitation to: Andrea Rola 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 February 2015 23:21
Andrea Rola frontpageASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA JU JITSU in collaboration with Centro sportivo Paladonbosco has the pleasure to invite you at 15th International Open “ANDREA ROLA”. Competition for Aspirants, Juniors, Senior categories in fighting, duo and ne-waza will take place in Genoa, from March 21st to March 22nd 2015. Tournament is reserved to Clubs of Federations affiliated to JJEU/JJIF. Official registration to the event only in writing up to February 22nd 2015.

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JJIF published new revised Anti-doping Rules PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 14 January 2015 11:26
antidoping codeJJIF has launched a new, revised version of JJIF Anti-doping rules which are in a full compliance with 2015 WADA Anti-doping Code. More details available at the Sport Section – Anti-doping or on the JJIF website. This is a great achievement for ju-jitsu on worldwide scale and another approval that idea of a “clean ju-jitsu” has international approval and support.

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