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JJEU has a new Board PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 June 2016 11:37
JJEU Board 2016 - 2020Among other things on the Agenda of 2016 General Assembly in Gent, Belgium, elections of the new Board took place. The composition of the new JJEU Board is:

Robert Perc, Slovenia, the President,
Rick Frowyn, the Netherlands, the General Secretary,
Michael Korn, Germany, the Senior Vice President,
Philippe Merlin, France, 2nd Vice President,
Dana Mortelmans, Romania, 3rd Vice President.

During the opening ceremony of the EOC Gent Belgium, on Saturday, June 4th 2016, the President awarded for their service to the sport and particularly Ju-Jitsu with Recognition of Merit to Mr Stefan Badenski, Poland (former JJEU Vice President) and with Lifetime Achievement Award to Mr Dario Quenza, Italy (former JJEU President) and Mr Roel van Ravens, the Netherlands (JJEU Referee Director). The referees also prepared a special emotional ceremony for their Referee Director, who has retired after more than three decades of active service to Ju-Jitsu worldwide.

In the opening speech newly elected President welcomed all athletes, coaches, referees, respected members of National Federations and viewers at the major Ju-Jitsu event in JJEU in 2016. Special greetings were given to the JJIF President, Mr Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, the JJIF General Manager, Mr Eugene Domagata and the Head of JJIF Legal Departments, Mr Nuvin Proag. He expressed the importance of having a good team and creating a good one in the future with committees and working bodies. The mission of the new board shall be good governance on all levels, protection of integrity of Ju-Jitsu and athletes, following the spirit of ju-jitsu and zero tolerance to doping with support given to JJIF project of Clean Ju-Jitsu. The new Board is committed to transparent work and leading with examples, encouraging mutual respect as (as the President strongly indicated) we understand enormous education role of sport, no matter of being athletes, coach, referee, official or parents.

In next three months’ committees and working bodies will be created. The Board will meet again in the middle of July and it is expected what all bodies will function up to the end of September.
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Message from the Board PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 June 2016 11:42
JJEUDear Sport Friends! Please find enclosed JJEU Newsletter No. 3/2016, prepared on the occasion of EOC Gent and General Assembly (report of activities and some plans for the future).
Download this file (JJEU Report and Plan Gent 2016 - Newsletter No. 3.pdf)Message from the Board - Newsletter No. 3/2016[pdf]1011 Kb01/06/16 11:45
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Good Governance Implementation in ju-jitsu PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 27 May 2016 12:39

siggsLjubljana, 26.5.2016. One of the areas of interest and focus in ju-itsu on international level (and sport in general) is good governance. Promoting and encouraging from IOC questions of good governance has become (from many aspects) main topic in discussion what we are and what we want to be. JJIF committed us to follow principles of good governance - and JJEU is acting in this direction - timing is crucial, especially now, when JJEU will start a new episode with new board, when another change of statutes is at hand and when striving to be organised by the principles of good governance but yet again to maintain our identity and not forget the basic principles of ethics and conduct.

Mr Robert Perc, JJEU General Secretary and a candidate for JJEU President at upcoming elections in Ghent, Belgium, participated at the Strategic Workshop on Good Governance Sport. Workshop was organised by National Olympic Committee of Slovenia (OCS) and opened by Mr Bogdan Gabrovec, the President of OCS.

The guest of honour with introduction speech was Mr Janez Kocijancic, Honourable President of OCS and Vice President of European Olympic Committees (EOC). Mr Kocijancic stressed on the principle of transparency, which means the public availability of data, preventing abuse and democracy, which calls for a greater athletes’ participation on decision making process. An important principle is ethics, without which sport as such is nothing. Many dangers goes with sport, like doping, match fixing, violence in different forms, racism, corruption… reason more that sports organizations should be managed in a democratic and ethical manner, where integrity, accountability, transparency and democracy must be taken into account in all areas.

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EOC & GA Ghent, Belgium - latest information PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 May 2016 12:01
As EOC Ghent is approaches fast, please find enclosed some materials and information related to championship and General Assembly, which will take place on June 3rd. JJEU Board had a meeting during Paris Open, to finalize documents related to GA. Also JJEU Referee Committee has provided a list of qualified referees for the event.
Information about back numbers: You will receive the back numbers for the EOC as indicated in the previous information, so please order them as soon as possible and put them on the Gi! You will not pay for back numbers if the number of them correlates with the number of athletes. The federations who already paid JJEU will refund the amount paid for the back numbers! The basic idea behind new system is that we make organisation of the events easier but also more presentable to the public/media as it is our wish to have back numbers on all Gi’s on all events. The layout of the back numbers is prepared in a way to be valid for at least two or three years. We shall have a discussion on the subject also at the GA in Ghent (and Coach meeting).
Download this file (J.J.E.U. Referee Committee Activity Plan 2016- 2017.doc)JJEU Referee Committee Plan[doc]27 Kb27/05/16 13:58
Download this file (J.J.E.U. Referee Committee Activity Report from June 1st 2015 till June 3rd 2016)JJEU Referee Committee Report[doc]39 Kb27/05/16 13:58
Download this file (JJEU GA Ghent Belgium - Proxy.doc)Proxy for a National Delegate (if not the President of NF)[doc]51 Kb27/05/16 13:54
Download this file (2016_Referees_Gent.pdf)Qualified referees[pdf]118 Kb06/05/16 12:04
Download this file (Auditing report 2015 by Rick Frowyn signed.pdf)Auditors report[pdf]1682 Kb06/05/16 12:04
Download this file (Budget 2016-2017 Korn(1).xls)Budget 2016 - 2017[xls]56 Kb06/05/16 12:03
Download this file (Actual - Balance sheet 2015.1xls.xls)Actual - BAlance 2015[xls]54 Kb06/05/16 12:03
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Fair Play Trophy to Ukraine at Paris Open PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 May 2016 12:49
Bohdan Mochulsky, men 62, Ukraine, Fair Play Paris Open 2016In Saturday, April 30th and Sunday, May 1st 2016, traditional international tournament in ju-jitsu took place in Paris – France. 23 Nations with 351 competitors participated in fighting, duo system and ne-waza. Among others referee course was organised under the patronage of JJIF and JJEU Referee Committee evaluators. Together 55 referees from 15 countries share right on 5 mats. French Judo and Ju-jitsu Federation again presented professional organisation of international event, also visited by local and regional representatives of sport and municipality authorities.
Official results of the tournament are attached.
Dario Quenza, JJEU President, awarder Fair Play Trophy to Bohdan Mochulsky, fighter in category 62 kg from Ukraine. He was fighting for a gold medal in his category when his opponent from Germany slipped and fell down to the mat. Bohdan Mochulsky did not use the opportunity and weakness of the athlete from Germany – he offered a hand to him, helped him to stand up and then they continue to fight. At the end, Athlete from Germany won a gold medal.
With his exemplary move of gallantry and fair play Bohdan Mochulsky has proven that being fair is beyond wining at any cost. Fair play move is an example of good ju-jitsu spirit and mutual respect. The way to follow.
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Invitation to: Aleksinac Open, Serbia PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 May 2016 11:07
AleksinacWe have pleasure to invite you to the 5th International Ju jitsu tournament "Aleksinac OPEN 2016" in Aleksinac, Serbia, in FIGHTING and DUO system for children, aspirants, juniors and seniors; NE WAZA for seniors and 2. round ADRIATIC CUP 2016. International tournament is organised by JUDO & JU JITSU CLUB „N&F“. Tournament will tak place in Sport hall at address Tihomira Djordjevica Street, 18220 Aleksinac, Serbia on Saturday, 21st of May 2016.
Registration deadline: May 18th 2016!
Download this file (INVITATION - 5. ALEKSINAC OPEN 2016..pdf)Invitation to 5th Aleksinac Open and Adriatic Cup Team[pdf]386 Kb03/05/16 11:31
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Invitation to: Budva Open (ECC) and Referee Course in May PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 18 February 2016 19:26
Budva Open 2016 CoverJu-jitsu Federation of Montenegro and JJEU have to pleasure to invite you to the JJEU Referee Course and Budva Open Intl. Tournament. Please find enclosed invitation to referee course which will take place in Budva, before Budva Open International Tournament (ECC), from 6 May to 8 May, 2016. Your cooperation, on time registration and participation is highly appreciated.
More details about the tournament in attachments.
Download this file (BUDVA open 2016 (2).pdf)Invitation to Budva Open International Tournament[pdf]2290 Kb22/03/16 14:10
Download this file (Referee Course in Montenegro, Budva Open 2016.-1.pdf)Budva Referee Course - invitation[pdf]119 Kb18/02/16 19:28
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JJEU has new Statute PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 17 April 2016 21:25
The JJEU Extraordinary General Assembly accepted renewed and harmonized JJEU Statutes on the session in Madrid - Spain, March 17th, 2016. On March 18th the text of the JJEU Statutes was submitted to JJIF for approval - as required by JJIF Statutes, article 10.2 (July 15th, 2015). JJIF Board responded with a letter from the President, Mr Panagiotis Theodoropoulos on March 30th, 2016.
Three issues were indicated by JJIF were some modification, clarification or explanation were required. After careful evaluation the Board performed editorial corrigendum which does not change the content and the mission of the JJEU Statutes but more explain some issues and align the content with JJIF Statutes as suggested by the JJIF – and with that align the text as required by the JJIF. Pursuing JJIF Statutes, actions taken by the Board and decision made by the GA, JJEU published the new JJEU Statute on April 15th 2016 on the official website and start using it from that date on.
Please find enclosed minutes of the General Assembly, minutes of the Board (editorial corrigendum of the text) and new JJEU Statute together with the By-law number 1 (organisation and responsibilities of the Board).
Download this file (JJEU_Statutes_2016_ver_30.3.2016_JJIF_approved (conformed copy).pdf)JJEU Statute, 15.4.2016[pdf]363 Kb17/04/16 21:40
Download this file (A2.1 by-law Structure JJEU Board job description (approved).pdf)By-law No 1 - Organisation of the Board[pdf]390 Kb17/04/16 21:40
Download this file (Minutes JJEU Board - Editorial Corrigendum 4.4.2016.pdf)Minutes JJEU Board (editorial corrigendum), 4.4.2016[pdf]818 Kb17/04/16 21:39
Download this file (2016 MINUTES extra GA Madrid, 17.3.2016 (final), conformed copy.pdf)Minutes JJEU extra GA in Madrid, 17.3.2016[pdf]366 Kb17/04/16 21:39
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Candidates for JJEU Board elections 2016 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 15 April 2016 21:21
These are all candidatures (by alphabetical order) which have been received within deadline. No other candidature has been submitted or have reached the General Secretary up to April 15th,  2016. All received candidature are completed as expected and required.

For the President
LANZONI, Igor - Italy (Curriculum Vitae, Support, Letter with Programme)
PERC, Robert - Slovenia (Curriculum Vitae with Programme, Support, Flyer - Vision)

For the General Secretary
FROWYN, Rick – The Netherlands (Curriculum Vitae, Support, Letter with Programme)

For the 1st Vice President
KORN, Michael - Germany (Curriculum Vitae with Programme, Support)
POULIKIDIS, Anastasios (Anestis) - Greece (Curriculum Vitae and Experience, Support)

For the 2nd Vice President
FROWYN, Rick – The Netherlands
POULIKIDIS, Anastasios (Anestis) - Greece
MERLIN, Philippe - France (Curriculum Vitae, Support and Experience)

For the 3rd Vice President
FROWYN, Rick – The Netherlands
MORTELMANS, Dana - Romania (Curriculum Vitae with Programme and Support)
POULIKIDIS, Anastasios (Anestis) - Greece
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