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JJEU Board
will have its first meeting in 2011 during Paris Open in April 16th-17th. If there are any special items JJEU members wishes to be discussed please send it to JJEU General Secretary at yours earliest convinience time.

Traditional ROBI RAJH OPEN is to be organised on March 12th 2011 in Maribor (Slovenia). Click here for more details.

On April 9th Italian Ju-jitsu Association is organising traditional tournament of three countries in Genoa. In 2011 Spain, Slovenia and Italy will participate on this event. More details can be found in the "calendar" section.

JJEU General Assembly and European Championship 2011
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JJIF General Assembly will take place in the Moscow hotel in St. Petersburg, on Friday, November 26th.

1. Agenda for GA (doc)
2. Financial Rules JJIF - draft (doc)
3. Financial reports - presentation in PowerPoint
4. Financial reports - from the auditors (pdf)

5. Candidates for JJIF Board

Candidates for JJIF Board (by the date of receiving candidatures to JJIF General Secretary up to the deadline 15.11.2010):

Candidates for the JJEU Board

1. Tom Kempkens, The Netherlands

Tom Kempkens - candidature, support
Tom Kempkens - CV

2. Georgy Kukoverov, Russia

Georgy Kukoverov - candidature, CV
Georgy Kukoverov - support

3. Michael Takacs, Austria

Michael Takacs - candidature
Michael Takacs - support
Michael Takacs - CV

St. Petersburg Russia, November 25th 2010  Ju-jitsu International Federation is calling for JJIF Technical Congress (TC), organised before World Ju-jitsu Championship 2010.  Delegates from national federation’s members will have discussion on to main topics – (a) proposals for changes in the JJIF Competition Rules and (b) initial proposals for updating JJIF Organisation and Sport Code. A lot of those decisions will have major impact on the future of ju-jitsu as a sport and as a martial art. JJIF Technical Congress will start at 14.00 hours on Thursday, November 25th in the official hotel of the event – Moscow.

Provisional schedule of the Technical Congress:

10.00 -  JJIF Board meeting;
14.00 – opening of the TC and introduction by JJIF President;
14.15 – start of the TC;
18.15 – final summarization and overview or the TC proposals;
18.45 – conclusions of TC;
19.00 – closing TC 2010;
Breaks: 16.30 -16.45 and 18.00 -18.15.

Related documents to the JJIF TC:

1. Agenda (doc)
2. Initial proposals (pdf)
3. Resume of proposals on 15.11.2010 (pdf)
4. Coach Committee (technical) (doc)
5. Coach Committee (education) (doc)
6. Competitions rules aspirants (doc)
7. Proposals duo system (Mario den Edel) (doc)
8. Proposals duo system (Henrik Sandberg) (doc)
9. Proposals - German Federation (doc)

St. Petersburg, November 25th to 28th 2010. Russian Ju-jitsu Federation will host 2010 World Championship in ju-jitsu.

All details about the event can be reached also at JJIF official web site, at www.jjif.info or Russian Federation's Official site of the WC at http://jiu-jitsu2010.com/en/.

Nevertheless please find enclosed some basic documents:

1. Second official invitation (pdf)
2. JJIF Referee list (doc)
3. Registration form (doc)
4. To all referees and fighters from JJIF Referee Director (doc)

All national delegates, representing their countries, must have a proxy from their national federation. Two delegates per member may participate but only with right to vote. Right to vote is granted if all financial obligations to JJIF (membership fee etc.) have been fulfilled up to the beginning of the congress.

Only referees on the qualified list are allowed to act as referees at WC. Any exceptions must be approved before by JJIF Referee Committee.

The following changes of the schedule of the event and registration were accepted on the JIIF Board in Gent (30.10.2010):

a) Category Men -77 (planned on Saturday) is moved to Sunday!
b) Category Men -69 (planned on Sunday) is moved to Saturday!
c) JJIF Board grant (approved) participation to the event for Todor Sabev from Bulgaria (M), Megedelwit Negussie from Ethiopia (W), Oikonomopoulou-Tzoannou Eleni and Manousaki Sofia from Greece (duo W).

JJEU Board in Genova PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 30 May 2010 10:30

Dario Quenza (JJEU Treasurer, president of Italian JJ Feederation) on the left, Christian Blareau (JJEU President) on the rightGenova, Italy. May 14-15 2010. Christian Blareau and Robert Perc visited JJEU office in Genoa in the occasion of the trilateral tournament with France, Slovenia and Italy from May 14th to May 15th 2010. JJEU office is hosted by JJEU Treasurer and president of Italian Ju-jitsu Federation (AIJJA), Dario Quenza. To move the office to Genoa was a proposal from 2008, approved later on also by general assembly.

JJEU President was expressed his thanks for hospitality of Italian Federation. Visit to trilateral team tournament in Don Bosco Sport Centre in Genoa was also on opportunity for the Board to finalize documents for upcoming general assembly in Vienna.france_slovenia_italy on 10 andrea rola

The competition itself was attended by teams of aspirants, juniors and seniors from participating countries, conducted majority by experienced Italian referees and guest international referees.

Italian host made a big effort for the organisation in the memory of Andrea Role, ju-jitsu competitors, who died 10 years ago in a traffic accident.

Hospitality was on the friendliest level – that was also proven with a joint dinner on the evening after competition, hosted to all participants by Italian Federation.

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EC started with technical meeting PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 May 2010 23:53

Vienna, 27.5.2010. JJEU Board with technical officers and representatives from JJIF Board had met in Vienna Hilton Danube Hotel to officialy start 2010 Aspirant and Junior European Championship.

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St. Petersburg, Russia, November 25th 2010 JJIF Technical Congress in Russia was well participated. 45 delegates, representing 25 countries, JJIF members, have had important discussions on different subjects which will have great impact on the future of ju-jitsu in Europe and worldwide especially. The delegates were welcomed by Mr. Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, JJIF President, accompanied with JJIF Board members and technical officers. The JJIF President especially wellcomed technical delegate from member countries outside of Europe. The TC was moderated by Mr. Robert Perc from Slovenia, JJEU General Secretary.

 The following decisions, to be subjected to the attention and approval of the JJIF General Assembly and Board were accepted:

1. On the proposal to change the age categories (unanimous decisions):

1.1. Children 8-9 years old and 10-11 years old are not in the attention of JJIF, since there are no international events for these ages. However, the JJIF should have guidelines and recommendations for the national federations with respect to these athletes.
1.2. For the creation of the Veterans category, a Working Group will be created at the JJIF level, which will decide on the details (such as specific age, conditions/criteria for participation etc.). The members of the WG will be nominated later.

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Invitation to Foto_Ru Open 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Moscow Jiu-Jitsu Federation together with Russian Jiu-Jitsu Federation and company FOTO.RU invite you to take part in MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL JIU-JITSU TOURNAMENT “FOTO.RU OPEN 2011” (European Challenge Cup 2011) on 19-20th of February, 2011.

Competition will take place in Sports hall “Izmaylovo” (the host of Olympic Games 1980) Sirenevyi bulvar 2, Moscow, Russia.

Coordinator for the tournament FOTO.RU OPEN 2011 is Ms. Nina Kryveleva from Moscow Jiu-Jitsu Federation - mjjf (at) umail.ru or fotoru2011 (at) mail.ru. Time is short, so please do not hesitate to register and apply for visas as soon as possible.

Helpful documents:

a) Invitation (pdf)
b) Registration sheets (doc)
c) Visa application (doc)  - you should contact nearest Russian Embassy for details.

Please make sure to start on-time preparation and registration to avoid problems and unexpected expenses.

Preferable deadline for registration and visa procedure to FOTO.RU Open 2011 is January 20th 2011!

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Invitation to 7th European Open Cento Italy PDF Print E-mail

Associazione Italiana Ju-jitsu, in collaboration with CSR – Ju-jitsu Italia, is kindly inviting JJEU/JJIF members to Italian Open Ju-jitsu, organised in Pieve de Cento, Bologna, Italy, on Saturday, March 26th and Sunday, March 27th 2011.

Tournament is officialy nominated as 7th European Open Cento.

Helpful documents:

a) Oficial invitation (pdf);
b) Flyer of the event (jpg).

Please send the registration details to the organising committe of the evet before the March 11th 2011!

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