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Results from the EC Bucharest and message to members PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 04 November 2017 12:16
40 years logoDear sport friends, respected members from the JJEU/JJIF Sport Federations. This year is a great year for ju-jitsu. We have organised very successful ETM to prove that athletes, referees and coaches can and should work together for the benefit of development, we have had two big grand slam events in Paris and Gelsenkirchen and successful organisation of the EC Seniors in Banja Luka (BIH). General Assembly approved the Resolution on the Mission, Values and Vision of the JJEU 2017 – 2014 and set a Strategy for the future.
Last weekend another great event closed on exactly the same date as 40 years ago a charter has been signed which represent the milestone on our legacy – that day European Ju-Jitsu Federation was established.
We would like to thank the Romanian Martial Arts Federation and its Ju-Jitsu Department, staff and volunteers and any other partners, not mentioned, for the organisation of the European Championship Aspirant & Juniors – it has been remarkable event. Step by step the organizers of big events give the us assurance that we can proceed with our strategy of development as planned at last JJEU General Assembly.
The following high-ranking events has been set in the calendar for next year:
a) European Cup U-15, the Netherlands, 24 – 25 March 2018;
b) European Championship Seniors & Masters, Poland, 1 – 3 June 2018;
c) European Cup Duo system (and referee course Duo), the Netherlands, 23 – 24 June 2018;
d) 15th Jiu-Jitsu United Event (JJVOE), Pressbaum - Austria, 16 – 17. June 2018
e) JJEU Summer Camp (DJJV), Hachen – Germany, 13 – 17 August 2018;
f) JJEU European Championship Aspirants & Juniors, Bologna – Italy, 26 – 28 October 2018.
Expert Technical Meeting (ETM2) will take place also, date and location with programme will follow. Please find in the attachment the official results from EC Bucharest!
Download this file (EC-U18-U21-2017-Bucarest-ROU-Results.pdf)EC U18-U21 Official Results[pdf]484 Kb04/11/17 12:22
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JJEU Board sharing information with the referees PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 October 2017 22:51
Bucharest - part of the Championship's referee groupBucharest, 26 October 2017. Late afternoon the President met the referee group of the Championship. In two hours he presented and share the activities and plans of the Board for the future, emphasising the Resolution on Mission, Values and Vision 2017 – 2024 and Strategy “10-5-30” in continuation of the debate. The main objective of the discussions was to introduce the referees with the development which will affect referee work (Working Group results, evaluations, testing of the Care and “one referee”, future training and educations, Code of Conduct etc.) but also to receive valuable feedback and opinions from the expert which will help Working Group and the Board to process the ideas in a good way. Mr Rinaldo Orlandi from the JJIF Ethics Committee addressed the present referees presenting the work of the Ethics Committee but mainly to emphasised the need to Ethical and professional behaviour at all times. JJEU Board will consider to empower the Working Group and the Referee Committee as objectives and expectations are high and important.

Many questions were raised but also some good proposals for the future actions. The President expressed the intention of the Board to follow the basic principles of good governance - the Board finds it extremely important to share the activity plans and reasons for actions (objectives) with the referees, especially when there are topics directly related to the referee work. That was the promise given to the referee group immediately after election in 2016 and they planned to keep the good practice.The session, nevertheless some highly important and serious topics were opened, passed in a very good atmosphere.
Download this file (JJEU meeting referees Bucahrest (26.10.2017).pdf)JJEU Board meeting with referees in Bucharest[pdf]2147 Kb26/10/17 23:34
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JJEU Board constructive in Bucharest PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 October 2017 22:42
Mr Ognjen Crnogorac presenting candidature for the future EC U18 & U21Bucharest, 26 October 2017. Intensive day in front of the 2017 U18 & U21 European championship in Bucharest, Romania started with the JJEU Board meeting while the organiser of the event prepared everything for the arrival of the teams. The Agenda of the meeting was extensive, including discussion and decision on calendar, European Ranking List, referees, personal data protection, athletes committee etc. Mr Thomas Meyer from the Referee Committee (and also member of the Referee Quality Management Working Group) presented results of the initial work. The board agreed that results present solid ground to continue work as planned.

This was also the last meeting of the Board in present composition as in the next Mr Ivan Nastenko (Ukraine) from the Athletes Committee will have its place to represent athletes from European members. The Board could not avoid the questions regarding the World Championship and JJIF Session in Bogota, Columbia. The Board finalized and send the JJIF report of activities and vision fort the future, including Resolution on Mission, Values and Vision of the JJEU for 2017 - 2014 and Fair Play activiies report for the European Fair Play movement (see the attachment).
In the afternoon session the candidates for the future European Championship U18 & U21 present candidatures. France, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy presented their plans for 2018 and 2019 organisation of the championship, giving the Board options to choose the host from the federations with a lot of experience. All presentations were extensive and well prepared and presenters provide good explanations and answers on the questions received. The Board will have a decision before the end of the championship.
Download this file (Report and Vision from the JJEU for the JJIF Session 2017 (26.10.2017 final).pdf)Report and Vision from the JJEU for the JJIF Session 2017[pdf]2688 Kb26/10/17 23:09
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In memoriam: Eugène Domagata PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 September 2017 04:20

Eugene DomagataEugène Domagata

With great sadness in our heart we inform ju-jitsu community that Eugène Domagata passed away yesterday, 11 September 2017. We have lost a loving and positive person!

Eugène started his Martial Arts career as judoka in Valentiney Doubs in 1956 and achieve his black belt in 1964. A passion to sport and military brought him to Air Force where he, among others, transfer his knowledge to his comrades in arms. After 17 years in service in Air Force and Military his first appointment was a technical adviser for youth and sport in Auxerre (Burgundy) after which he devotedly served on many positions, responsible for education and training. Among others he enjoyed flying (he had a private civil pilot licence), loving music ad photography. As he said many times, he could make his hobbies and passions his career which gave him opportunity to put his heart in his work.

Giving the respect to the self-defence principles and practical application of the Martial Arts ju-jitsu was his love and passion to the end. Not only on the club, local, regional and national level, as Eugene hold many important technical positions within JJEU and JJIF as well in the FFJDA (Fédération Française de Judo Judo, Jujitsu, Kendo et disciplines associées).  His trainings and lectures, giving all around the world on many seminars on a club, regional and national level, were always hard but also full of fun and lough – the quality to make one laughing with small jokes and big smile never left him.

His visions and long-term commitment to develop Ju-Jitsu on all continents was part of his life mission, invested with waste amount of technical and practical experiences. He served years as Sport Director in the JJEU (up to 2012) and received Life Time Achievement Award at the European Ju-Jitsu Championship in Waldorf, Germany in 2013. On the same occasion JJIF awarded him with 9th dan in Ju-Jitsu.

Last year’s Eugène served as General Manager in the JJIF, struggling for better organisation and management to promote and develop Ju-Jitsu worldwide and helping bring it closer to the Olympic.

We have lost a true professional, expert, humanist and friend, a man with great heart and vision, devoted Ju-Jitsu practitioner, teacher and sensei. We express our deepest feelings of sympathy to Eugene’s family.

Eugène Domagata last good bye will be on Friday, 15 September 2017. At 14:15 for close family (232 Boulevard de Sainte-Marguerite, 13009 Marseille, France), 15:30 crématorium ceremony (380 Rue Saint-Pierre, 13005 Marseille, France).

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Invitation to: European Championship Aspirants & Juniors, Bucharest 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 05 September 2017 17:36
Bucharest 2017We have the pleasure of welcoming JJIF/JJEU members to Bucharest, Romania, this time for the 2017 Ju-Jitsu European Championship (Aspirants U18 & Juniors U21). This year's event is very special. On the last day of our competition, Sunday, October 29th, 2017, we celebrate exactly 40 years since the signing of the Foundation Charter of the Ju-Jitsu European Union (JJEU).

It is a great privilege for the JJEU to have the oportunity to entrust this event to the Romanian Martial Arts Federation. 

- registration: the booking forms should have to be returned to up to September 26th, specifying the number of participants and other details.
- payment: the payment must be done by the bank transfer up to September 26th.

Find more details in the attachments.

Update: 9.9.2017 - Second Invitation: please be aware the most important change is the BANK ACCOUNT. The original account was in LEI, this new one is in EUR.

Download this file (2nd Invitation to the 2017 European Championship U18 & U21.pdf)2nd Invitation to the 2017 European Championship U18 & U21[pdf]1057 Kb09/09/17 03:06
Download this file (1st Invitation to the 2017 European Championship U18 & U21(1).pdf)1st Invitation to the 2017 European Championship U18 & U21[pdf]1011 Kb05/09/17 17:40
Download this file (Registration form ECh U18 & U21 - 2017(1).XLSX)Registration Form (deadline September 29!)[xlsx]21 Kb05/09/17 17:39
Download this file (Hotel booking ECh U18 & U21 - 2017(1).xlsx)Hotel Booking Form[xlsx]19 Kb05/09/17 17:39
Download this file (Airport transfer form ECh U18 & U21 - 2017(1).xlsx)Airport Transfer Form[xlsx]11 Kb05/09/17 17:38
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Invitation to: Balkan Open 2017 and World Cup U15 in Podgorica PDF Print E-mail
Balkan Open 2017 and World Cup U15Dear Sports Friends! The JJIF, JJEU, JJBF and Ju-Jitsu Federation of Montenegro has the privilege to invite you to the 14th Balkan Championship and World Cup U15, organised in the city of Podgorica from September 22 to 24. In attachment, you may find the final invitation with related documents.
Registration will occur at Verde Hotel (main official hotel of the event), on Thursday, September 21, between 12:00 – 18:00. In order to avoid crowds, the federations will receive order numbers (taking into account their time of arrival). Only one federation at a time will be allowed for registration (max. 2 persons per federation). All Duo couple passports/IDs must be shown and checked at registration (copies are allowed).
Weigh-in will take place in the same hotel between 15:30-16:30. Official weigh-in 17:00-19:00. Please note the JJIF rules regarding mandatory clothing for weigh-in. All athletes coming for the weigh-in must bring their national passport/ID, to check nationality and age, and their sports ID, to check medical visa.
The Ju-Jitsu Federation of Montenegro is happy to host international event once more. We hope to see you again. Registration deadline:  15 September 2017.
Download this file (FINAL INVITATION FOR BALKAN OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP - WORD CUP U15 - PODGORICA 2017.pd)Balkan Open and World Cup U15 - FINAL INVITATION[pdf]2509 Kb13/08/17 12:12
Download this file (Registration form Balkan Open - 2017_555_corrected.xlsx)Balkan Open 2017 - REGISTRATION FORM[xlsx]33 Kb13/08/17 12:12
Download this file (Registration form U15 World Cup -  2017_55(1).xlsx)World Cup U15 - REGISTRATION FORM[xlsx]21 Kb13/08/17 12:11
Download this file (Balkan Open - 2017_Hotel booking U15 World Cup & Balkan Open.-konačno.xlsx)Balkan Open 2017 - hotel booking form[xlsx]57 Kb13/08/17 12:10
Download this file (Balkan Open - 2017_Airport transfer form WC U15_Balkan Open.-(1).xlsx)Balkan Open 2017 - airport transfer form[xlsx]11 Kb13/08/17 12:10
Invitation to: German Open 2017 PDF Print E-mail
German Open 2017We have the pleasure to invite JJIF&JJEU members to the »German Open 2017« International Ju-Jitsu Tournament in Schürenkamp Arena, Grenzstraße 3, D-45881 Gelsenkirchen, from 29 September to 1 October 2017. The tournament is a JJIF-Grand-Slam event and takes place in the world ranking list. Registration deadline: online until Monday, 11 September 2017 under the following link: http://www.tournament.djjv.de/registration/memberregistration

The event is an amateur tournament. Professional athletes are not allowed. Please be aware that with the sign in the competitor is accepting the WADA’s and NADA’s anti-doping-rules of the German Ju-Jutsu Federation
Download this file (GO_2017__Ausschreibung_englisch_final.pdf)Final Invitation to German Open 2017[pdf]1065 Kb09/09/17 03:24
Invitation to: St. Petersburg Open 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 September 2017 03:11
Russian JJ FederationWe have the pleasute to invite JJIF/JJEU members to the »St. Petersburg Open« International Ju-Jitsu Tournament, organised by the Russian Ju-Jitsu Federation from 13 to 15 October 2017. Final entry: if you need visa support and official hotel then deadline – 20 of September 2017.

Entry form and visa forms are to be send back to the organizers before this date. If you organize your trip, accommodation, visa, transportation e.t.c by yourself (you can do it through travel agencies in your country), we kindly ask to send back entry forms and visa applications in time because of long time visa procedure. Please ask for the confirmation that your entry and applications are received by the organizers.
Download this file (Registartion_form_Visa_form.doc)Registration and Visa Form[doc]59 Kb09/09/17 08:08
Download this file (INVITATION_SPb_Open_2017.doc)Invitation to St. Petersburg Open 2017[doc]703 Kb09/09/17 08:08
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Frank Fürst awarded with Life Time Achievement Award PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 May 2017 13:34
Robert Perc and Frank Furst (photo by Jens Erik Rasmussen, Ju-Jitsu Denmark)On the occasion of the 2017 edition of the Danish Open Intl. tournament the President of the JJEU, Mr Robert Perc, had a special privilege and honour. The President of the ju-jitsu in the Dansk Judo & Ju-jitsu Union, Mrs Lisbeth Hansen, emphasised in her welcome speech a spirit of friendship which goes along with the sport and Mr Perc continued with thanking the organiser of the event to stress out Fair Play and Friendship which are also a moto ot the JJEU. After addressing participants of the Danish Open, Mr Perc gave a special recognition to a special person in a ju-jitsu family.
Mr Frank Fürst has been serving ju-jitsu worldwide for 4 decades, from the early days when European Federation (EJJF -> JJEU) and, later, the International Federation (IJJF -> JJIF) were established. He has been a valuable help and guide for newcomers into our federation and from the capacity of his various positions (from athlete to Vice President and long-term General Secretary) within the federation, he was one of the key-persons in the successful evolving of the European Federation into the International one. He became one of the most recognised figures in ju-jitsu worldwide, as IJJF -> JJIF General Secretary for 15 years. Together with the President of the International Federation (at that time), Mr. Rinaldo Orlandi, and the rest of the Board members and technical officials, Mr. Fürst was the engine of worldwide development and acceptance in the International World Games Association, IWGA, and the General Association of International Sport Federation, GAISF, today known as the SportAccord. Throughout his career, he has been an example of sportsmanlike behaviour, fair play and friendship, as well-known as an individual with enormous energy when assistance and help was needed by the member federations.
In the year when the European federation is celebrating its 40th, and International federation its 30th anniversary, the JJEU has the pleasure and honour to award Mr Frank Fürst from Denmark with the highest award in the JJEU, the Life-Time Achievement Award.
(Photo by Jens Erik Rasmussen, Ju-Jitsu Denmark)
Download this file (Frank Furst - Life Time Achievement Award 2017 (explanation).pdf)Frank Fürst - Life Time Achievement Award[pdf]653 Kb20/05/17 13:38
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