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Invitation to: Balkan Open 2017 and World Cup U15 in Podgorica PDF Print E-mail
Balkan Open 2017 and World Cup U15Dear Sports Friends! The JJIF, JJEU, JJBF and Ju-Jitsu Federation of Montenegro has the privilege to invite you to the 14th Balkan Championship and World Cup U15, organised in the city of Podgorica from September 22 to 24. In attachment, you may find the final invitation with related documents.
Registration will occur at Verde Hotel (main official hotel of the event), on Thursday, September 21, between 12:00 – 18:00. In order to avoid crowds, the federations will receive order numbers (taking into account their time of arrival). Only one federation at a time will be allowed for registration (max. 2 persons per federation). All Duo couple passports/IDs must be shown and checked at registration (copies are allowed).
Weigh-in will take place in the same hotel between 15:30-16:30. Official weigh-in 17:00-19:00. Please note the JJIF rules regarding mandatory clothing for weigh-in. All athletes coming for the weigh-in must bring their national passport/ID, to check nationality and age, and their sports ID, to check medical visa.
The Ju-Jitsu Federation of Montenegro is happy to host international event once more. We hope to see you again. Registration deadline:  15 September 2017.
Download this file (FINAL INVITATION FOR BALKAN OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP - WORD CUP U15 - PODGORICA 2017.pd)Balkan Open and World Cup U15 - FINAL INVITATION[pdf]2509 Kb13/08/17 12:12
Download this file (Registration form Balkan Open - 2017_555_corrected.xlsx)Balkan Open 2017 - REGISTRATION FORM[xlsx]33 Kb13/08/17 12:12
Download this file (Registration form U15 World Cup -  2017_55(1).xlsx)World Cup U15 - REGISTRATION FORM[xlsx]21 Kb13/08/17 12:11
Download this file (Balkan Open - 2017_Hotel booking U15 World Cup & Balkan Open.-konačno.xlsx)Balkan Open 2017 - hotel booking form[xlsx]57 Kb13/08/17 12:10
Download this file (Balkan Open - 2017_Airport transfer form WC U15_Balkan Open.-(1).xlsx)Balkan Open 2017 - airport transfer form[xlsx]11 Kb13/08/17 12:10
Frank Fürst awarded with Life Time Achievement Award PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 May 2017 13:34
Robert Perc and Frank Furst (photo by Jens Erik Rasmussen, Ju-Jitsu Denmark)On the occasion of the 2017 edition of the Danish Open Intl. tournament the President of the JJEU, Mr Robert Perc, had a special privilege and honour. The President of the ju-jitsu in the Dansk Judo & Ju-jitsu Union, Mrs Lisbeth Hansen, emphasised in her welcome speech a spirit of friendship which goes along with the sport and Mr Perc continued with thanking the organiser of the event to stress out Fair Play and Friendship which are also a moto ot the JJEU. After addressing participants of the Danish Open, Mr Perc gave a special recognition to a special person in a ju-jitsu family.
Mr Frank Fürst has been serving ju-jitsu worldwide for 4 decades, from the early days when European Federation (EJJF -> JJEU) and, later, the International Federation (IJJF -> JJIF) were established. He has been a valuable help and guide for newcomers into our federation and from the capacity of his various positions (from athlete to Vice President and long-term General Secretary) within the federation, he was one of the key-persons in the successful evolving of the European Federation into the International one. He became one of the most recognised figures in ju-jitsu worldwide, as IJJF -> JJIF General Secretary for 15 years. Together with the President of the International Federation (at that time), Mr. Rinaldo Orlandi, and the rest of the Board members and technical officials, Mr. Fürst was the engine of worldwide development and acceptance in the International World Games Association, IWGA, and the General Association of International Sport Federation, GAISF, today known as the SportAccord. Throughout his career, he has been an example of sportsmanlike behaviour, fair play and friendship, as well-known as an individual with enormous energy when assistance and help was needed by the member federations.
In the year when the European federation is celebrating its 40th, and International federation its 30th anniversary, the JJEU has the pleasure and honour to award Mr Frank Fürst from Denmark with the highest award in the JJEU, the Life-Time Achievement Award.
(Photo by Jens Erik Rasmussen, Ju-Jitsu Denmark)
Download this file (Frank Furst - Life Time Achievement Award 2017 (explanation).pdf)Frank Fürst - Life Time Achievement Award[pdf]653 Kb20/05/17 13:38
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Invitation to: III. Intl. Self-Defence Seminar in Budva PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 May 2017 05:13
Budva self defence 2017Ju-Jitsu Federation of Montenegro, in cooperation with Ju-Jitsu European Union (JJEU) has the privilege to invite you to the 3rd International Seminar of Self-defence for all, in Budva – Montenegro, from 22 to 25 of June 2017, with high ranking instructors. The programme will include self-defence applications for all as well self-defence application through duo-system and ne-waza. Pre-registration with booking is expected up to 30 May 2017! More details in the first invitation attached.

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JJE General Assembly 2017 - Agenda and Reports PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 03 May 2017 01:25
JJEU 1977 - 2017Dear presidents, dear delegates. Please find enclosed information of the JJEU Board for the upcoming General Assembly in Banja Luka. We would like to point the attention on the reports and vision (main document) with attachments. We shall use the opportunity for the election of the regional representatives for the JJRIC. Please read the attached documents as the elected representatives from the five regions in Europe will have the voting rights at the JJIF Session. Note the Deadlines for candidatures.
Additional materials will be added in following days.
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Election of the JJEU Athletes Commission: Call for Candidates PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 April 2017 22:10
fotkaDue to the restructuring of the athletes representation within in the JJIF, decided in the congress 2016 in Vietnam, the Unions shall elect independent athlete commissions. This commission will consist of, up to 5, athletes, representing our different disciplines, genders and JJNOs. Two of these will be automatically part of the JJIF athletes commission.
The election for the JJEU Athletes Commission will be held during the European Championship 2017 in Banja Luka. In order to give a chance to all interested athletes, I kindly ask you to send application of candidates, containing the Name, Country, Discipline(s) until 20  .May 2017 to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please share this information with your athletes as well.
Download this file (JJEU_Athletes_Commission_information_election.pdf)JJEU Athletes Commission - information[pdf]467 Kb20/04/17 22:14
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Invitation: European Championship in Banja Luka PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 April 2017 10:48
Banja Luka 2017We have the pleasure to invite you to the European Championship for Seniors in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Republic of Srpska. The championship will be accompained by the JJEU annual General Assembly. The championshp will take place at the Borik Sports Hall, Aleja Svetog Save 48. The registration forms containing the participants and other details should be returned no later than Monday, 8 May 2017. More details in the attachments.
Update 1 May 2017: final invitation published.
Download this file (001_ECh BIH 2017 - FINAL invitation.pdf)JJEU EC 2017 - Final Invitation with latest updates[pdf]788 Kb01/05/17 13:12
Download this file (001_ECh BIH 2017 - 2nd invitation.pdf)JJEU EC 2017 - Second Invitation[pdf]786 Kb04/04/17 11:41
Download this file (002_Airport transfer form ECh seniors   -  Banja Luka 2017.xlsx)Airport transfer[xlsx]14 Kb04/04/17 11:41
Download this file (003_JJEU GA Banja Luka 2017 - Proxy.doc)Proxy for General Assembly[doc]51 Kb04/04/17 11:40
Download this file (004_Entries ECh 2017.xls)Entries[xls]152 Kb04/04/17 11:40
Download this file (005_Entry by number.xlsx)Entry by number[xlxs]89 Kb04/04/17 11:39
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Invitation to: Budva Open 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 March 2017 20:37
Budva Open 2017Ju-Jitsu Federation of Montenegro is hereby inviting to the 9h Budva Open International Tournament in Ju-Jitsu Fighting, Duo Systems, Ne-Waza for boys/girls, Aspirants, Juniors and Seniors.  Organiser can provide accommodation at a very affordable prices if registration is confirmed until 15 April (and payment 25 April) – there are limited rooms available.

Find more details in the attached invitation.

Download this file (Invitation to BUDVA OPEN 2017 - english.pdf)Budva Open 2017 - invitation[pdf]928 Kb29/03/17 20:45
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Invitation to: Paris Open Grand Slam PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 February 2017 08:48
Paris Open 2017The French Federation of judo, jujitsu, kendo and associated disciplines (F.F.J.D.A) is pleased to invite you to the PARIS OPEN GRAND SLAM 2017 international tournament, which will take place on 29 and 30 April 2017.
Registration deadline: 31 March 2017 (entry by number), 20 April 2017 (entry by names).
Download this file (2017-PO_JUJITSU GRAND SLAM PARIS OPEN 2017_Form.doc)Registration Form - entry by number[doc]147 Kb14/02/17 08:56
Download this file (2017_PARIS_Outlines.pdf)Paris Open Grand Slam 2017 Invitation[pdf]906 Kb14/02/17 08:50
Download this file (REGISTRATION PGSJJ 2017.xls)Registration Form Paris Open 2017[xls]97 Kb14/02/17 08:50
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Invitation to: Danish Open 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 February 2017 08:34
Danish Open 2017DJU (Danish Judo and Ju-Jitsu federation)has the privilege to invite you to DANISH OPEN 2017 in Fighting Senior, Junior (U21), Aspirant (U18), Cadet (U15& 12) & Duo (men, women and mix), in the sport hall Lilleroedhallerne, Banevang 7, 3450 Lilleroed (Alleroed), 30 km North of copenhagen. Competition will take place on 20 May 2017.

Registration deadline: 6 May 2017.

Updates: 5 April 2017 - Second invitation and Registration form.

Download this file (Danish open 2017 2 invitation e.pdf)Danish Open 2017 - Second invitation[pdf]458 Kb05/04/17 21:57
Download this file (registration Danish Open 2017.xlsx)Registration form[xlsx]11 Kb05/04/17 15:05
Download this file (Danish-open-2017-1-invitation-e.pdf)Danish Open 2017 - Firsti Invitation[pdf]657 Kb14/02/17 08:36
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